Swedish Massage Therapy is what most people envision when they think of massage, they just don’t know it. Swedish Massage therapy was designed with one goal in mind and that is to relax the entire body. This is done through elongated movements along muscles for relaxation, as well as increased blood flow. It can also include circular pressure movements applied by the palm and some stretching can be a part of your Swedish massage experience. While the goal of a Swedish Massage is to create a relaxed feeling, there are other added benefits that it provides.

deep tissue 

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a massage that applies heavy pressure along muscles to release muscle tension. The pressure being added is to target the deepest layer of muscle tissue. It is typically not painful, however it may cause a small amount of discomfort given the higher amount of pressure being applied to isolate the deep tissue muscles. Deep tissue massage therapy allows the body to benefit from it in more ways than one. This type of massage not only releases chronic muscle tension, but it also increases relaxation, blood flow, and range of motion. Deep tissue massage therapy lowers blood pressure, anxiety, reduces muscle spasms, and can speed up recovery time for injuries. Consult with your licensed massage therapist to explore the benefits to see how Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can benefit you.

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